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Startup Pitch Battle semi-finalists announced!

This year we received 326 applications from 26 countries marking this as a truly global competition! And it was quite a challenge

to choose the ones ripe for the battle. But with the help of eagle-eyed evaluators, we’ve managed to select fifty of the most determined battlers.

Fifty teams will be competing for:

10K no-strings-attached

This is the big one. Win the whole thing and bring home 10 000 EUR with no strings attached. So many things you can do with it:

🏆 Cover your rent for a few months.

🏆 Buy around 40 000 bananas.

🏆 Buy a huge flat screen.

🏆 Take your team on a workation.

and more…

This is it for now but by the time the competition arrives, expect the list to be much longer. Some things you can expect:

💰Draper University Hero Program tuition 💰Uizard Pro subscription for winner 💰 Business Membership of PoliHub 💰 Membership at InnovUp

💰 1000 USD in Google & Linkedin Ad Credits & 90% discount on all Hubspot software 💰 Miro credits and more

💰 Angel syndicate investment

💰 Exposure on stage in front of 100+ international investors, media and 1K+ attendees

💰 Media and social media exposure

Meet the 50 semi-finalists (in alphabetical order):

Agrovisio (Estonia)

Audioboost (Italy)

BES TEST (Italy)

Billalo (Italy)

BonusX (Italy)

Coverzen (Italy)

Craken (Italy)

Culturate (Slovenia)

Dafne (Italy)

Deliverart (Italy)

Deply (Italy)

eID Easy (Estonia)

Enzers (Italy)

FantaTrading (Italy)

Formaloo (Estonia)

G-Move (Italy)

Gigimot (Estonia)

GRLS (Italy)

Holifya (Italy)

Hotelbuddy (Estonia)

Hyperjob (Latvia)

iDeal Rent(Italy)

IIO (Italy)

INPUT SOFT (Ukraine)

Katakem (Italy)

Keet (Italy)

LexHero (Italy)

Livetrend (France)

Mavuno (Germany)

medicud srl (Italy)

My3D.Cloud (Latvia)

NIB biotec (Italy)

OaCP IE LTD (Ireland)

Pack (Italy)

Pappegnam (Italy)

RestWorld (Italy)

SimpleCharge (Latvia)

TA - DAAN (Italy)

Tipit (Lithuania)

Togggle (UK)

UltraAI (Italy)

Unipiazza (Italy)

VoiceMe (Italy)

VoiceMed Sarl (Luxembourg)

Meet the evaluators:

Fabienne Hakim (Startup Wise Guys), Wanjiru Chabeda (Join Capital), Ferdinand Reynolds (SuperSeed Ventures), Alessandra Mazzilli (Cavalry Ventures), Gunce Onur (Startup Wise Guys), Ernests Stals (Superhero Capital), Edoardo Gava (Milano Investment Partners), Alessandro Casiraghi (OneRagtime), Giancarlo Vergine (Over Ventures), Leonardo Massa (Venture Capitalist), Imane Marouf, Radu Bozga (Notion Capital), Barbara Avalle (Doorway), Riccardo Fisogni (AG Innovation), Peter Wozny (Btomorrow Ventures), Angelo Burgarello (AI Startup Incubator), Francesco Pagliari (FoolFarm Spa), Andy Abramson (AEHRA), Federico Fini (Karma Ventures), Sandra Golbreich (Baltic Sandbox), Daniela Esposit (Startup Wise Guys), Lauma SÄ«le (TechChill), Thao Tranova (AI Startup Incubator), Giacomo Mollo (iN3 Ventures), Dr. Micol Chiesa Churchill (Planet Fund), Marla Rinne (Atlantic Labs), Andris Berzins (Change Ventures)

What's next?

Join our Facebook or Linkedin event & set your reminder ⏰ because for 5 days (5-9 September 3pm-4.30pm) TOP 50 selected startups will be pitching live in front of the jury panel of international investors!

At the end of each day, we will know two startups who will make it to the finals and pitch on the main stage at TechChill Milano.

🐤 To hear the best 10 pitches and witness the next big thing just starting out, get your TechChill Milano pass here while it's Early Bird!

🚀 Can't wait to see 10 best pitches in Milan!


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