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Starting & Building

This is what TechChill is about, diving into the dynamic world of startup creation as founders and industry experts reveal the secret ingredients behind building groundbreaking ventures. We will take an insider’s look at major successes and humbling setbacks. The international voices will bring a fresh perspective while we dive head-first into the Italian landscape with its wins & challenges. From product-market fit and fundraising strategies to leadership, culture, and scalability. You will gain valuable advice that just might keep you on the right path in your startup journey.

#founderstories #unicorns #lessonslearned #investment #startuplife #innovation #ecosystem #internacionalization 


Futureproof Tech

Are we still working to stop global heating or just working in crisis response mode? Let’s take a look at how climate tech startups in all their shapes and forms can step up and activate their superpowers to tackle the global climate emergency. What role startups are playing in solving the energy crisis? And we are not stopping there. Speakers will take us beyond the obvious. What sustainability means in health tech, fintech, space tech, and other industries? We are here to talk about it!

#circulareconomy #greenbatteries #renewables #recycling  #agrotech #foodtech #healthtech #fintech #openinnovation


Work-life & Culture

The romanticized role of a startup funder is one of the most unforgiving when it comes to mental health. The rocky & ever-changing global setting does not let you relax for a moment. We will take time to have a serious look at how to leverage mental health and culture to help founding teams on their way to success. How can company culture be a constant driver of inclusion, and what should founders keep in mind to get through this financial crunch with their minds safe and sound?

#culture #mentalhealth #teambuilding #layoffs #talent #inclusion #neurodiversity #empowerment


AI, Big Data, Web3

Everyone and your grandma has been talking about AI over the last few months. Yet we are still only at the beginning of what impact this technology can create on a global scale. Let’s hear from experts and founders who are making big leaps and even bigger bets. How far can AI & big data take innovation? Finally, we need to make the final decision on where web3 is going. Join us in exploring where we see the industry landing now that the dust has settled on the last year’s events.

#LLM #texttoimage #generativeAI #data #deeplearning #AItools #NFT #metaverse

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