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How to assign your ticket

Dear TechChill Milano pass holder,

If you have assigned your ticket, you can pick up your badge at the main venue - at Bocconi University, Italy, Milan, address: Via Roentgen 1, 20100 Milano. TechChill Milano team will be happy to hand out your badge from 9am.

If you don't have your ticket assigned, you have to search an email from FIENTA.

Please finish all steps to get the ticket and invitation link to join PINE networking app:

STEP 1: assign the ticket to yourself or someone else (link in the email from FIENTA)!

STEP 2: after you assign the ticket, the assigned person will receive registration link!

STEP 3: Follow the registration link and add the contact details!

STEP 4: You will receive ticket from Fienta and invitation for the networking app from PINE after completing these steps!


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