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Discover the Milan Innovation District: Your TechChill side event destination!

TechChill enthusiasts, gear up for an unforgettable experience because most of our exciting side events on DAY 0, September 25th are unfolding at the inspiring Milan Innovation District (MIND). It's the place that encapsulates everything that TechChill stands for.

About MIND:

The vision for the Milan Innovation District is to be a major new precinct for science, knowledge, technology and innovation. MIND Ecosystem is a global excellence in lifescience to propel innovation. The link between MIND and TechChill was generated spontaneously thanks to the same vision: to spread the culture of innovation. MIND is a multi-phased, mixed-use redevelopment featuring office, residential, retail, research, university and public space.

Now, let's ensure you can find your way to this incredible location so you can attend our awesome side events!

Getting to MIND: Easy as Pie! 🥧

MIND is situated on the former Expo site northwest of Milan, spanning approximately 100 hectares. Thanks to its superb transport links and infrastructure, you'll reach this innovation haven with ease.

By Public Transportation:

MIND is located on the last stop of Metro Line 1 (the red one).

The interchanging stops for get to the Line 1 are in Duomo (from M3), Cadorna (from M2), Loreto (from M2 too) and Lotto (from M5).

It is possible to get there also with train, starting from Milano Central Station, Milano Cadorna Station or Milano Garibaldi Station, with the line S5, S6 and S11.

In both options the stop’s name is Rho Fiera Milano.

Ⓜ️If you arrived via M1 metro, turn right and follow the signs leading to the FS station platforms. Beyond the moving walkways, look out for the blue signs inside Rho Fiera station that guide you to MIND Milano Innovation District.

🚇If you came by train to Rho Fiera FS, after passing the sign for platform 6, walk straight for 100 meters and take a right into the yellow tunnel. Keep going until you reach the end of the slope.

Taking a Taxi or NCC (Limousine Service🥷):

  1. Set your destination as "Cargo 6 MIND."

  2. Once you reach the Cargo 6 guardhouse, proceed straight for 200 meters, and make a left turn.

  3. Follow the only road in sight, Decumano Avenue, and keep an eye out for the signs directing you to your destination.

There you have it, your foolproof guide to reaching MIND for all the TechChill magic. See you there and apply for our side events ofc! 🚀🌟


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