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Fifty Founders Battle semi-finalists announced

Let's give a big applause to the semi-finalists of the Fifty Founders Battle! This year's competition went worldwide, with over 300 entries from 30+ countries. Picking the best was tough, but with the help of sharp-eyed investors who admire determination, we've narrowed it down to 50 strong teams.

Top 50 semi-finalists in alphabetic order:

AIDA Srl (Italy)

Bi-rex (Italy)

BiomimX (Italy)

CarBuddy (Italy)

Diamante srl (Italy)

eID Easy (Estonia)

Emplastrum (Lithuania)

Fungo (Latvia)

Footprints AI (Romania)

Foreverland (Italy)

Go Healthy & co (Switzerland)

Govar (Poland)

Hoopsy (UK)

JAMPY (Italy)

Magic (Sweden)

Motionshift (Denamark)

MUST HAD (Italy)

Presto (UK)

Profiter (Italy)

RealBowl (Italy)

Restworld (Italy)

Revol Health (Denmark) (Estonia)

Sentric (Italy)

Shopthelook (Italy)

Qrunch (Latvia)

Soource (Italy)

SphereCube (Italy)

Togggle (UK)

Tuidi (Italy)

VoiceMed (Italy)

WasteTrade (Finland)

WeavAir Inc (Poland)

Wine Suite (Italy)

Wyblo (Italy) (US)

zenoo (Lithuania)

So, let's give these semi-finalists a well-deserved round of applause and wish them the best of luck as they move forward to battle it out for the amazing prize pool:

10K EUR prize from Federated Innovation @MIND, no strings attached!

Up to 100K EUR investment from Eden Ventures.

Up to €250K investment from Look AI Ventures.

30K EUR media coverage from Immediate Accelerator.

And that's not all! Enjoy Hero Training at Draper University, a year's membership at PoliHub - Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator, and more!

A big shout-out to the judges who had the hard job of choosing the semi-finalists for this year's TechChill Milano stage.

Rebecca Ravenni (TechStars), Emiliano Costanzo (Zerocento Studio), Chiara Lettieri (QuantyX), Francesco Ricciuti (Runa Capital), Cristina Scavarda (Azimut Group), Tommaso Moraca (B Heroes), Jahid Sakhi (Fiedler Capital), Michele Mattei (Finleap), Claudia Bonnacorsi (Liftt), Chiara de Caro (Million Ventures), Jamie Price (Btomorrow Ventures), Giuseppe Lacerenza (Slimmer AI), Giancarlo Vergine (Over Ventures), Bonfanti Matteo (Kairos Partners), Niccolo Bienati (Ulixes Capital), Sergio Benetti Lanzerath, Simone Cimminelli (Firedrop & Exceptional Ventures), Andrea Orlando (Startup Wise Guys), Edoardo Gava (Milano Investment), Alexander Hughes, Francesco Zambelli (P101), Stefano Ferace (Truffle), Luisa Munaretto (Indeu Capital Partners), Gil Dibner (Angular Ventures), Francesco Pasti (Mouro Capital), Daniele Bruttini, Gabriele Poteliunaite (APX), Nazar Halychanskyi (Flyer One Ventures), Shirly Piperno, Luca Pignatti (Feedel Ventures), Federico Cuppolini (Primo ventures), Rafaella Bianchi (Milano Investment), Martina Vinci (Vento Ventures), Matthew Gordon (Vento Ventures), Luca Campaiola (TechChill Milano Board), Wanjiru Chabeda (Join Capital), Andrea Galassi, Jakub Vizvari (AI Startup Incubator), Veronika Argust (AI Startup Incubator), Virginia Pigato (PNPTC), Michael Cimino (FoolFarm), Zane Kampa (Change Ventures)


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