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Startup Pitch Battle

So you think you can pitch? This is a chance for all seed and early-stage startups from different fields to take part and compete for the recognition of international investors along with the main prizes of 10 000 EUR with no strings attached. TechChill Milano pitch battle will give a spotlight to the most promising early-stage startups from across the Italy, Southern and Western European regions.

50 startups selected for the semi-finals will pitch in front of the investor jury online, and 10 best startups will have the opportunity to present their business idea on TechChill’s Milano stage in person in front of over 100 investors and over 1000 attendees.

Applications will open soon

Pitch Battle finalists


Who can apply?

No country restrictions but primary focus on Italian startups.

You’re welcome to apply regardless of where you are based. We usually get applications from more than 30 countries.


👉 Early-stage startups from any industry who are ready to raise funds.

👉 Your startup has not received more than 400k EUR in exchange for equity. Grants are fine.

👉 Most likely, the company is not older than 3 years, but there could be exceptions.

Pick up

How we    pick the lucky 50

All eligible applications will be evaluated by VCs, accelerators, angel investors, and industry experts. In the first phase, the evaluators will focus on the business idea, its scalability, the team behind it, and the overall quality of the application.The fifty companies with the highest average scores will receive a confirmation.

So.. channel your inner Jason Bourne and stay alert.

        & Co

10K no-strings-attached

This is the big one. Win the whole thing and bring home 10 000 EUR with no strings attached. So many things you can do with it:

🏆 Cover your rent for a few months.

🏆 Buy around 40 000 bananas.

🏆 Buy a huge flat screen. 

🏆 Take your team on a workation.


and more…

This is it for now but by the time the competition arrives, expect the list to be much longer. Some things you can expect:

💰Draper University Hero Program tuition 
💰Uizard Pro subscription for winner 
💰 Business Membership of PoliHub 
💰 Membership at InnovUp 

💰 1000 USD in Google & Linkedin Ad Credits & 90% discount on all Hubspot software 
💰 Miro credits and more

💰 Humble.AI subscription for 1 year

💰 Freshworks credits USD 10,000

💰 DOOH/Streetvox 50,000€ worth creative support

💰AWS $ 10.000 credits for AWS services and $ 1.500 credits for Business Support

💰 Investment by SWG up to 90k

💰 Exposure on stage in front of 100+ international investors, media and 1K+ attendees

💰 Media and social media exposure


Applications close on August 12

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