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Why join and what to expect at TechChill Milano?

Italy has been known as the hidden treasure of the European startup scene, full of emerging talent, strong ambition, and great potential waiting to be discovered and put on the global map. And did you know that Italy is also the land of opportunity and the Italian tech scene has seen similar growth and level of expansion as the Baltics over the last decade?

With the market evolving more and more, there is a strong need for expertise-based support and a local ecosystem boost to promote further growth and build successful startups with global potential. And that's where TechChill and the Baltic know-how come in to connect both ecosystems for the first time ever. Let's find out more about what it has to offer and why it is a great place to expand and do business.


Pitch battle competition - Be brave and take a chance to have your own stage time. Besides the international visibility in front of the media and hand-picked investor jury, the winner gets a 10 000 EUR prize, no strings attached.

Networking & Employee hunt - With all the business savvy tech geeks under the same roof, TechChill Milano is a place to find fellow entrepreneurs, or even your future co-founders, employees, and industry friends.

Matchmaking - Set the out-of-office reply and put your outgoing e-mails on hold, as TechChill Milano matchmaking will give you insights into all the investors and attendees, letting you connect and arrange 1:1 meetings in a matter of minutes.


Meet your next Unicorn - TechChill Milano will be a one-stop shop for everyone you’re looking to meet and do business within the Italian startupverse and beyond.

Investor Day - We know that meeting the upcoming star founders of startups can be very rewarding, but is it enough? Meeting your investor peers from around the world and sharing the latest industry insights is just as important.

Tech enthusiasts

We are taking our stage agenda seriously by shining the spotlight on the hottest topics in the global tech and entrepreneurship world, as well as the learnings from some of the most sought-after founders and innovators. Among the first confirmed speakers, there are some huge names already and many more global industry experts to come.


Be an agent of change! It’s one thing to list innovation as one of your core values, but TechChill Milano is your chance to put it into action and most importantly engage with your audience. This is an opportunity to meet the brightest talents and help to turn great ideas into reality.

Humans - 'Cause we all are

TechChill Milano will bring together the key players and game-changers to share the knowledge and good practice on how to build a strong Italian startup ecosystem and purely - to have fun and get the common approval that we all are in the right place at the right time!

TechChill Milano is ready, are you?

28th & 29th of September - two full days of international stage content, startup pitch competition, and networking in Milan.

But before that, the 27th of September will be full of different exciting side-events.

Stay tuned and be the first to get an Early Bird ticket!


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