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Building innovation ecosystem


Behind the buzzwords, there's an essential lesson for all. Deep dive into innovation ecosystem building and explore why and how it is the key to regional success for startup communities.

Building for future


Bringing the spotlight on startups, investors, technology and practices that make the world a more sustainable place. Sit down with us to dive into the real practical technology-based solutions that can bring social, environmental, cultural and political change.

Deeptech Disruption


Big issues need big solutions, so what's the maddest idea you would still invest in? Find out which fundamental questions should deeptech address and explore why and how AI, biotech, and quantum computing drive scientific development. 

Stories from the trenches

The success of a startup goes far beyond the core product. Join frank conversations with real go-getters sharing their hits and misses. Experts from the trenches will look at the role of scalability from aspects like culture, product and growth. 

Space tech

Shoot for the starts, but literally! Who is to say that in one of the parallel universes you are not the one to introduce flying cars. Join us to delve into what's next in space tech and how can this exciting tech benefit us here on earth. 


From payments to financial markets to economies at large - let's hear from the founders and industry sharks about how the leading-edge technology is innovating and creating change. 

European founder stories will be included under the tracks on both days, with 3 really big names in each day (Italy, Baltics, Europe - Printful, Wolt, Bolt, Nord VPN, Revolut, etc.)

Tracks | Day 1

Building   innovation ecosystem

How to reach the next stage for a startup ecosystem


Italian startup ecosystem landscape

➔ Internationalization, investment scene, government support, landscape challenges, building value proposition for the Italian startup ecosystem


Startup and investor relationship building

➔ E.g. Angel training, finding the right investor, Italian Family offices


Open innovation / Corporate innovation

➔ Startup and corporate collaborations
➔ Corporates creating venture client models
➔ Big corporates creating innovation ecosystems, eg. BMW Foundation

Impact &     Sustain-ability

➔ Social, environmental, cultural, political, etc. Geopolitics in the startup scene

➔ Practical and technology-based solutions, functions that can be implemented 

➔ Not just inspiration stories. E.g. agritech, food tech and fashion tech.

Deeptech       role in innovation

➔ AI, biotech, quantum computing, space tech - why and how these fields drive scientific development and how that shapes the overall innovation ecosystem. 

➔ Deeptech’s role in sustainability & disruption

Tracks | Day 2

        Operator stories from   the trenches

➔ Culture, growth, product - through the lens of scaling

➔ Vision to scale from day one

➔ Digital nomad, remote culture, stock options, etc.

Space          Tech


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